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I hope that you like looking at my site and viewing all of my delights, all made with Soy wax

They smell and look divine but with zero calories! Along with the cakes and sweets, I do a range of relaxing melts.

I can also cater for birthdays, weddings, christening's, baby showers, new births etc.

About Soy Wax

Soy Wax is made from hydrogenated Soya bean oil, which is makes it environmentally friendly, as it does not produce toxins when lit.

Soya wax burns at a much cooler temperature than other waxes, which is very important for users with children and pets where accidental spillages may occur and greatly reduces the risk of serious burns.

Soy Candles are clear burning; they do not produce soot that will stain your walls and interiors.

Other waxes (e.g. paraffin) that contain chemicals have been known to cause headaches, allergies and trigger asthma attacks. Soy wax does not contain any toxins. Other waxes contain up to eleven!

You can be assured that you will not be breathing in any nasty toxins when you melt a Soy candle!

Soy wax lasts up to 50% longer than paraffin wax candles. They don't contain petrol which masks fragrances just an hour after lighting.

I hope that by reading this, you can understand that Soy candles are the best choice!


Here are some more pictures of of my creations!

Mothers Day Cup with Custard Cream Melts Mothers Day Cup with Custard Cream Melts
Mothers Day Cup with Custard Cream Melts
(cup style may vary)
Custard Cream Melts Custard Cream Melts
Custard Cream Melts

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